Activate iOS Pro Features from SetApp subscription

This only applies to Wokabulary 5 — Legacy

Activation via SetApp is not supported in Wokabulary 6.

If you are a subscriber of SetApp, you can unlock the Pro Features on your iPhone and iPad with your SetApp account without any additional costs.

The easiest way is to open SetApp on your Mac, go to Wokabulary's SetApp page and click the "Get iOS App" button there. You will be presented with a QR code that you need to scan with your iPhone / iPad. This will unlock the Pro Features

The process is described in more details on SetApp's support pages.

Trouble shooting:

It can happen that you don't get a direct confirmation when the Pro Featurs are actived from the QR Code.In case you have problems with the activation, try force quitting Wokabulary and then scanning the QR code again.

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