Is adding images to words possible?

Adding images is not supported it is also not a  feature we plan to add anytime soon.

We agree that images can make learning some words easier. However, it is technically quite complex to make that work well — especially syncing the images across your devices quickly is a challenge.
Also we cannot provide a database of images as we focus on the software and not on the content. So you would need to manually find matching images for each word. A task that will become harder and harder the more advanced you become in a language and the more abstract the words are that you learn.

It is certainly not the same, but for early stage learning, adding matching emojis to the comment, might be a good alternative. As emojis cover the most common things in live as well as popular activities and all kinds of feelings, you will certainly find emojis for most of your A1–A2 level words.

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