iCloud Syncing is not working


iCloud syncing will be performed automatically whenever you add or modify a word, or when you do a quiz.

It can sometimes take several seconds for changes to propagate to all your devices.

When you make large changes like importing word lists or when you set up a new device, iCloud syncing can even take a few minutes to complete.

Initial syncing to the Apple Watch can take particularly long. Make sure to keep Wokabulary active while syncing is in progress.

If you have problems with syncing, please try the following steps to resolve it:

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet and flight mode is off
  • Make sure you are connected to the same iCloud account on all your devices and that Wokabulary has permission to access iCloud. You can check for both in  System Settings > iCloud
  • Make sure that you have selected the exact same vocabulary (language combination) on all devices. For example, "French - German" is not the same as "German - English" and they won't be synced with each other.
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